Cyber Frontier


 Doomed Ship

Doomed Ship is one of SL’s largest and most immersive sci-fi/horror environments. I have spent many happy weeks wandering that ship and getting into epic storylines with some of the most imaginative RPers in SL.   It is awesome, even if you’re not into roleplay, you can still go walk around and explore. You will see some of the best avatars in SL creeping around the passageways and you will find a tentacle-y surprise if you venture far enough into the ship……

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click here to go to Doomed Ship

What is Doomed Ship? On one hand it is a role-play environment where players can immerse themselves in a space rescue/salvage mission gone horribly wrong. On the other hand, you can think of it as a haunted house in space, where visitors are free to wander the .dark corridors, with friends or alone, exploring SL’s most interactive environment, avoiding the dangers, and discovering the secrets of the NCS Persephone




New Babbage: An SL Steampunk institution since 2007

This is an EPIC 10 sim wide STEAMPUNK evironment. No roleplay required, feel free to explore every inch and take note of the details.  You will find some of the  nicest people around these sims. I didn’t have time to take enough pics yet but I’ll update soon with some more, better yet, just go there…… airships and lasers and cogs and gears glaore.

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Click here to go to New Babbage

The city is renowned for its active community, distinctive culture, and many high quality steampunk builds. Together with Caledon, Steelhead, Steeltopia, Armada Breakaway and many others, New Babbage is considered a fundamental member of the broad Steamlands steampunk community in SecondLife





Dr. Who Expo

Who doesn’t love Dr Who right? Found this place by accident yesterday. Comprehensive Dr. Who.
Be prepared to lose time…..really.

dr who expo2_001

Click the image above to go there

dr who expo_001

Click the image above to go there

THE DOCTOR WHO EXPO On the ground below you’ll find Kronopolis, the new home for the oldest Dr Who fan region in SL.  Kronopolis unlike this station is a NON RP zone, its designed for shopping, events and chat.  Citadel II  The Citadel is a near sim sized representation of the Gallifreyan Citadel seen during the new series and classic series.  It is home to the Cardinal College of House Cerulean and is a dedicated roleplay area tied to the Hands of Omega Roleplay group.  There is many levels to the Citadel and it also houses the Cerulean Archives (the new name for the Doctor Who Museum) and public TARDIS console


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