Cyber Frontier


Area 54

One last short post before home-time. I remember how ‘particle’ effects impressed me back in the day. This is why I am posting a link to this sim, there’re no particles but the graphic design is so impeccable and precise. This place is sooooo trippy!,  full of colour and there are so many levels to teleport to. I explored the mind-melder and cube-tube and Lumina areas, they are all visually similar and I could definitely have stayed longer if the correct substances had been involved.

I’ll post a couple of pics and links and you can decide for yourself. The creators describe it as ‘Mixing sound, video and incredible light effects, home to multimedia art, a laser-filled concert hall, a club with top DJ’s and much more.’
There was nobody in the club when I was there but there were a good few explorers and the stream was on dance music, almost wished there was a DJ playing right then to see what kind of crowd it gets.

area 54_001

Click the image above to go to area 54

 The Cod Supper Club

This reincarnation of the famous Flashman’s club is my own personal favourite sim ever in SL. Here you will find the most ecclectic mix of SL has to offer, tinies, furries, flappers, poets, RPers, inventors and artists all congregate here when the proprietor Mr Martin Ren is playing his tunes. If you are lucky enough to drop by on a night there’s a party going on you will be treated to the livliest,  zaniest, punniest AND funniest conversations you might ever hear in SL. Join the group to get notified when shenanigans are afoot and please drop by for some banter. perfect for Euro time zoned people.

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Click HERE to go to the Cod Supper Club




 The Velvet

THE best indie music club in all of the world.  Packed with people for most sets, the DJs make the experience with thier unique playlists and good conversation.


Click the image above to go there

Be sure to join the group so you can get notifications when there’s a DJ on. They play every night US timezone, we in Europe have to stay up way late to party there, however, they do have euro timezone events as well, so just watch your notifications. 🙂

click the image above to go there


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