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I’m Nim and I’m a Bryn-oh-holic.

Bryn Oh, is definitely one of the most prolific and successful creators in Sl.

She has created some truly profound art. sculpture, sim landscapes, poetry and machinima.
Most second lifers will have experienced her work in some way already, but her work is worth revisiting, often.

Tonight Rowan Derryth treated us to a rare interview with Bryn, who responded, interestingly, from a fetal postition.


Click the image to go straight to Immersiva

Bryn Oh:One of the first impressions that I got from Second Life was the feeling of a post apocalyptic world of empty malls and homes. I would enter a house to see things like a still steaming cup of coffee, Second Life felt as though everyone had just disappeared moments before I had arrived. A very surreal feeling.
….. Many of the insect and animal machines were an interpretation of this feeling where a few of humanities creations still slowly went about their business despite our sudden disappearance.
One of the ideas that is often present in my work is one where I imagine, through humanities greed and pollution, natures food pyramids collapsing as species become extinct. I imagined scientists manufacturing “place holders” to keep the food chain and pyramid intact and functioning.

I love her description of Sl. Yes, it often feels very ‘Marie-Celeste’-like and Bryn makes sense of this unique experience conveying it through her art. But it’s more layered than that, she tells stories, beautifully. Here’s a quick slideshow. I don’t want to show everything because the pics can’t do justice to the full 360degree encounter, only possible within the SL application.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here is another excerpt from the interview, Bryn talks about creating virtual art.

Bryn Oh & Rowen Derryth interview

(apologies for bad quality pic, full sim, you know how it is…hard to get everything to rezz at the same time. I spent the whole interview with my top MIA.)

Rowan Derryth: I could easily answer this question myself, but why do YOU think your work has been so successful here?
[15:36] Bryn Oh: Because my work is personal and it conveys emotion. It is introspective yet ambiguous enough to allow the viewer to see elements of their own life in each artwork. Not in individual pieces but rather as a whole within the large immersive narratives.
[15:36] Bryn Oh: Often people explore the stories alone, which allows them to subconsciously absorb the ambient sounds and kind of submerge themselves into a layer of immersion just below the awareness of their real life around them.
[15:37] Bryn Oh: Hours pass and they feel like they are in a different world, one which they can interact with rather that view passively like a movie. When they leave the story some compare it to coming up for air after swimming below the water.
[15:37] Bryn Oh: For a creator there are often barriers that prevent the artist from channeling themselves into their artwork.
[15:37] Bryn Oh: For example, if you have a good eye you can look at a painting and feel the emotion of the painter as they created it, if they were talented. Van Gogh or Munch are easily some of the expressive ones if you can imagine their brush strokes.
[15:38] Bryn Oh: Hmm how to explain.
[15:38] Bryn Oh: The barrier is the brush. It stands between your hand and the surface of the painting. It is a degree of separation which can dilute the emotion as it passes through.
[15:38] Bryn Oh: Someone who works in clay sculpture, for example, moulds the surface directly with their hands and thus the barrier is gone provided they don’t over work it and are talented.
[15:38] Bryn Oh: So imagine caressing the face of your lover. Looking in their eyes and running your finger down their cheek. The warmth and smoothness of their skin on yours. Imagine trying to let them know how you were feeling without using words.
[15:39] Bryn Oh: Now imagine trying to do the same with dark sunglasses on and wearing boxing gloves.
[15:39] Bryn Oh: So as a medium the barrier for a virtual artist is that you channel through a keyboard. So for me part of my success has been in being able to still channel emotion despite the tactile limitations.

Finally, please check out Bryn Oh’s work in-world, here in Immersiva, or search for her profile and check out her picks.
And for those of you who love machinima, her you-tube account is packed full of awesomeness. This video, however, is one of my favourite machinimas of- all- time.
Please make time for it, if you like this sort of thing.


Thanks for reading!

(here’s a little treat for anyone who read all the way to the bottom of this post, one of Bryn Oh’s older works can still be found here.Your avatar wont fit so you must use your cam to navigate inside the tunnel.)




World Makers

Apologies, haven’t posted in a long while…college exams, followed by a long vegging out period, punctuated by 4 days of summer weather, a rarity in Ireland.

But I just HAD to post this video, firstly because it’s made by the master of machinima- Drax Despres, and secondly because it’s an interview with Linden Labs CEO Rod Humble. Mainly it reiterates why SL is so f**king awesome, BUT, there are some amazing developments coming down the line and the technology sneak peek we see at 3.07 is uber exciting!!  Enjoy! x




Foul Whisperings Strange Matters, Macbeth

This sim is almost an SL institution, it has to be at least 4 years old.

And Wow! If you love Shakespeare, or even, if you don’t, you will enjoy this place.
Be warned, it is possible to lose hours here.
Also, be warned: If you are wearing headphones, this sim has some superb audio but it will scare the shite out of you if you are not expecting a witch to whisper ‘horror, horror’ in your ear.

The creators call it ‘a symbolic treatment of the key themes’ of the play Macbeth and you can go as deep into that as you like, or just mess around and explore, it is impossible not to soak up some of the delicious words that are found everywhere in this sim.

macbeth sim_001

Click the image above to go there

There are so many  areas in this sim that I won’t post pics and spoil it all. There are books lying around the place that provide really in-depth notecards if you want to get academic about the whole thing.
I only wish I had this sim to explore while I was studying the play for my school leaving certificate exams!!

river of macbeth_2950974867_m

Click the image above to go there




Empyreal Dreams

So, in another bout of procrastination I logged in to SL and found Empyreal Dreams.
It reminds me a lot of a  ‘Macbeth’ sim called ‘Foul Whisperings, Strange Matters. (Post on that sim coming right up next).

So, Empyreal dreams has a tribute to Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, The Owl and The Pussycat by Edward Lear and Les Miserables by Victor Hugo. It does not take long to see all exhibits as they are pretty compact sims. The aim according to the creators is to ‘to visualize famous poems and literature using Second Life as a canvas.’. They have done this relatively successfully. I only wish they had incorporated some kind of audio into the experience to make it more immersive.

empyreal dreams_003

Click Image above to go there

Warning: You may teleport into a seemingly exit-less room, the exit is is the black hole of ‘nevermores’, it only took me about 30minutes to find my way out.. O.o Once you get out of the Poe exhibit walk straight into the Coleridge poem, it’s really superb, scariest black water in SL, for sure. Once again, it is a pity not to get audio but maybe it was just not working today.

the rime of the ancient mariner_001

Click the image above to go there

The Les Miserables sim is also good, great authentic textures and a galactic surprise above the rooftops. I am a sucker for a good space scene.

les mis_001

Click the image above to go there





This sim is serene, sublime, sanctuary. The most simple terraforming has led to this wide open peaceful space. The ambience and the atmosphere is unique.  I love the attention to detail. (warning:smahing pumpkins tune ‘Disarm’ plays on a loop and it’s great until you notice it’s on a loop, then it’s time to switch off the media player… 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Click HERE to go straight to Hazardous

“Dream infinitely, remain fearless, but always seek hazardous adventures.” Hazardous is a mysterious and intriguing place to take a few photographs, hang out, dance, or just spend some quiet time reflecting. Seek it out





The textures used in this sim are stunning, you can almost smell the metal oxidizing O.o

This sim is supported by LEA (Linden Endowment for the Arts)


click the image to go there

Rust is a world with a strange mix of machines, chained trees, rusty mushrooms, birds, balloons, butterflies, spiders, elephants and gear flowers. Watch as they corrode, flake and sway in the gentle breeze…




 Ub Yifu Sculpture Park

This was a fun little sculpture gallery, worth a quick visit.  There are magical moments like this image below.

cecSKY sculptures gallery2_001

Click the image to go there

There’re also a lot of fun sculptures, like this Jack the Giant.

cecSKY sculptures gallery_001

Click the image to go there




So, this is one of my favourite places ever in SL… I can stay here for hours and always see something new.


two fish_001

Click the image to teleport directly there

In this art installation from Rose Borchovski, you’ll venture to an emotional and immersive art-landscape about the story of Angry Beth and the child Lot during a war.

This experience is indescribable, be sure to turn on your speakers for the full immersive experience.

Whimsical and ever-so-poignant. Le sigh.

two fish_003

Click the image to teleport directly there

Is it even possible to portray the holocaust whimsically?  The artist, Rose Borchovski, seems to manage it.

This SIM haunts you after you leave, it’s why I keep returning. Give this installation plenty of time to explore, it’s not a shallow place.




The 9 Art Planets

Betty Tureads_4citys

Click the image to teleport straight there.

This fantastic installation is a LEA project. (Linden Endowment for the Arts).

The artist here, Betty Tureaud is Danish and is very accomplished, she has been showing her art in SL since  2007.  She’s inspired by Frida Kahlo and this is represented in the colours that she uses in her SIMS.

Definitely a place to go to zone out. There’s a vivid maze to explore.

Betty Tureads_prism_001

Click the image to teleport straight there.


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