Cyber Frontier

About me

Hi There.

My name is Nimuwe Rehula, my friends call me Nim.
I joined Second Life (SL) in April 2007 and I’m a fan.
I’ve often intended blogging about SL but  never got around to it.
It’s always more fun to log in and explore, less fun to write about it, it’s impossible to convey the magic of SL simply through a blog, so I intend to keep it simple and provide a rough guide to the best of Sl as I have found it.

I hope seasoned Second Lifers can find something here as well as first time Second Lifers.

Go straight to My Blog to explore if you’re already a Second Lifer.

If you are new, go to my Second Life page to get started.

I have broken my SL explorations into 3 categories; Art, Fun, Music.  I’ve added SLurls to take you directly to the destinations. You won’t find any ad postings or links to clothes stores, just places and experiences.

There are no photographs and not enough words to describe the experience of SL. This blog cannot capture the awesome, sometimes breathtaking surreality of the 360 degree environment, the ambient sounds, the detail or the characters that inhabit this virtual world.

If you can imagine it, the chances are that someone has created it in SL.

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