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Foul Whisperings Strange Matters, Macbeth

This sim is almost an SL institution, it has to be at least 4 years old.

And Wow! If you love Shakespeare, or even, if you don’t, you will enjoy this place.
Be warned, it is possible to lose hours here.
Also, be warned: If you are wearing headphones, this sim has some superb audio but it will scare the shite out of you if you are not expecting a witch to whisper ‘horror, horror’ in your ear.

The creators call it ‘a symbolic treatment of the key themes’ of the play Macbeth and you can go as deep into that as you like, or just mess around and explore, it is impossible not to soak up some of the delicious words that are found everywhere in this sim.

macbeth sim_001

Click the image above to go there

There are so many  areas in this sim that I won’t post pics and spoil it all. There are books lying around the place that provide really in-depth notecards if you want to get academic about the whole thing.
I only wish I had this sim to explore while I was studying the play for my school leaving certificate exams!!

river of macbeth_2950974867_m

Click the image above to go there

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